29 Dec 2015
Happy Holidays

Snow is on the ground, although it just missed Christmas. Have missed updating as well, since life and other priorities have a way of consuming time. I've been on vacation for the last two weeks, which has been nice, and somewhat busy. Did the traditional Austrian Christmas-Eve over at Nicole's parents, then hosted a Christmas breakfast for Nicole's side of the Family, and then hosted Christmas Dinner for my side of the family. Somehow or other, the local turkey farm was able to get us a 25lbs fresh turkey, which post-dinner yielded an inordiante amount of leftovers. Boxing day and the rest of the weekend was leasury cleaning, kids playing and resting from the workup to Christmas. Can say I've gotten the cookie baking drive taken out of me for another year.

23 Oct 2015

Have been for last week and a bit with a Cold. Haven't really enjoyed the scrashy throat and conjestion. I was away learning how to use an ATV with work, and it appears I got it after I returned home. Too much to catch up on at work, and not seriously ill, so no time off.

7 Sept 2015
Long overdue update

Have thought about posting an update, and then forgotten or been busy, and then remembered that I really should have.
For the last few months I've been away teaching or in the field with work, with several small breaks in between. For the last two weeks I've been on vacation, with funnily enough Nicole breaking her ankle at work right before I got back home from Manitoba. While in Manitoba, had a day off so went around the Brandon area and then before flying out, around Winnipeg and visted the cemeteries and took pictures, at some point will edit and post. Wasn't the most overly productive while on vacation, but the wife was taken care of and the kids are still jumping around like monkeys.

1 Apr 2015
April, a new fiscal

After working like a slave for the last month, I now have a week off of work. March Madness was particulary mad this year, with already having a busy schedule back in February it then going full tilt which then resulted in me working weekends and a few weeks straight.

13 Jan 2015
Another Year

Happy belated New Year.
Had a reduced vacation, due to work related engagements on the front and rear of my leave. Will be getting another few days off later this month, and then I have about two weeks worth of vacation days to burn before summer.