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The aim of this genealogy website it is act as a source or link to citable data for Skuce, Skuse, Scuse, Scouse, Skues, and other variants on the name.
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Current: Scanning Photos // 1871 UK Census (Ancestry/FamilySearch comparison-looking for missing families: 60+ queries so far)
Next Project: 1940 US Census, US Census Film Check—Additions/Corrections/Queries (to do 1900-1940); Ireland Images (those available on Microfilm, up to 1870)—Canada Census Clean/Sort/Format
Ongoing Project: Ireland linking project (assistance appreciated if you have source material)
Future Projects: (1) Re-index remainder of 1881 UK Census (Skew, Skews, Skewis); (2) Newspaper pages (USA): sort by date and clean-up (Canada needs cleanup as well); (3) Sort Data-dump; (4) Clean-up Censuses (formatting); add Film numbers to 1851 UK & 1871 UK

Last Updated
21 Apr 14 BMD Ireland Update 10x Births
18 Apr 14 Other Military Update Corrected Links  as many were out of date
17 Apr 14 Census UK Update 1871 Census, 2 additions (Missed on initial indexing)
  Census USA Update 1910 Census, 1 addition (Transcription error-Skeen)
  Census USA Update 1920 Census, 2 additions (Transcription errors-Skause, Skure)
11 Apr 14 Other Military Update BT113, BT114, and BT116 series
7 Apr 14 BMD Ireland Update 9x Births
24 Mar 14 BMD USA Update Ohio County Marriages, several additons
3 Mar 14 BMD Ireland Update 9x Births
3 Mar 14 BMD Misc Update 1x Burial, Barbados
24 Feb 14 BMD All Pages Update Fixed page selection as it was missing Scotland (only available on main BMD and Sitemap pages), pages now sort by name
  BMD Ireland Update Births: Bantry Methodist Baptismal Register, 1883-1933
3 Feb 14 BMD Ireland Update 5x Births
26 Jan 14 BMD Canada Update Deaths: Grosse Isle Quarantine Deaths
  Census Canada Update 1901 Census, formatting
20 Jan 14 BMD UK Update Wales Parish Registers, Various Counties
12 Jan 14 BMD UK Update Cheshire Parish Records, Non-Conformist Records and Marriage Bonds
11 Jan 14 BMD UK Update Wiltshire Marriages, 1538-1837, Index
Older Changes/Additions