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California, Northern U.S. District Court Naturalization Index, 1852-1989

Name Residence Date of Birth Date of order of admission Petition No Alien Reg No
Skuse, Grantley Thomas 1238 Turk St, San Francisco, California Aug 1, 1889 Nov 11, 1954 112433 5 736 779
Skuse, Jeanne 1238 Turk St, San Francisco, California Jul 6, 1895 Nov 11, 1954 110228 6 995 193

California, Southern District Court (Central) Naturalization Index, 1915-1976

1915-1930 (Schm-Shel are missing from index)
Name Date Vol - Page Petition No
Edmond Elsworth Skuce Sept 6, 1940 410 - 98 78928
Mayme Elizabeth Skuce Apr 5, 1940 398 - 211 73541
Name Residence Age Date Cert issued Court Petition No
Edmond Elsworth Skuce 1706 W 48th St, Los Angeles, California 52 Dec 13 1940 Los Angeles 78928
Mayme Elizabeth Skuce 1706 W 48th St, Los Angeles, California 51 May 10, 1940 Los Angeles 73541

Illinois, Northern District Naturalization Index, 1840-1950

Name Address Date County of Birth or Allegiance Cert No Microfilm Notes
Peter Skuce

Ottawa, LaSalle Co, Illinois

April 6, 1874

Great Britain & Ireland

Book H Page 331

M1285-152 / LDS 1432152 Soundex S200

United States, New England Naturalization Index, 1791-1906

Name Address Location of Court Date County of Birth or Allegiance Cert No Microfilm Notes
John Skuse Franklin, Mass USCC Boston 21 Sept 1880 20 Nov 1855, Ireland 127-155

M1299-106 / LDS 1429776

Soundex S200
Edward Skuice Windsor, Conn Superior, Hartford 18 Mar 1863 Great Britain   M1299-32 / LDS 1429702 Soundex S200


Index to Declarations of Intention, Volume 1 (1866-1895); Allegany Co., New York
Skuce, John. Ireland NY-Allegany-NYSC-DOI 1-238

New York, County Naturalization Records, 1792-1976

Name Address Certificate Location of Court Country of Birth/Allegiance DoB Date and port of arrival Date of natrualization Notes
Joseph Skuce Westons Mills, NY V-15-P26-2180713 Supreme, Cattaraugus Co, NY Great Britain Aug 17, 1901 Sept 9, 1920, New York March 1, 1926  
Martha Jane Westons Mills, NY V-15-P26-2180712 Supreme, Cattaraugus Co, NY Great Britain Apr 21, 1898 Sept 9, 1920, New York March 1, 1926  
William Daniel Skuce Westons Mills, NY V15-P43-2180748 Supreme, Cattaraugus Co, NY Great Britain Sept 27, 1895 Sept 9, 1920 Sept 7, 1926 Wit: Mrs Frank Skuse, Weston Mills
John Skuse   V-4 P-233 County, Cattaraugus Co, NY Great Britain     Oct 27, 1870  
Frank Skuse   V-5 P54 County, Cattaraugus Co, NY Great Britain     Oct 16, 1891  

New York City Naturalization Index 1891-1948

Certificate Number Surname First Name Age Petition Volume Petition Number Date of Certificate Approx year of Birth District
  Skuse Richard 27   158659 11/11/1929 1902 Southern
  Skeuse Agnes 54   299467 02/14/1938 1884 Southern
  Skeuse Frances 50   299466 02/14/1938 1888 Southern
  Skewes Annie B   487 150313 1930   Eastern
  Skewes Sidney H   487 150314 1930   Eastern

Naturlization: NY-ALLEGANY-NYSC-DOI (Vol 1) 1866-95
Skuce, John - from Ireland - vol 1 p238

Naturlization: NY-ALLEGANY-NYSC-DOI (Vol 15) 1825-29
Skuce. Joseph - from Ireland - vol 15 p26
Skuce, Martha Jane - from Ireland - vol 15 p25
Skuce, William Daniel - from Ireland - vol 15 p43


New York South District Index to Petitions for Naturalization, 1824-1941
Source: LDS

Richard Skuse
Anges Skeuse
Frances Skeuse



NY Southern, Naturalization

1927, James Skuse, of Ireland
1929, Richard Skuse, of Ireland

New York, Southern District Index to Petitions for Naturalization, 1917-1950

Name Reference Notes
Richard Skuse 158659 M1676-54
Agnes Skeuse 299467 M1676-96
Frances Skeuse 299466 M1676-96

New York, Southern District Index to Petitions for Naturalization, 1824-1941

Name Date Reference Notes
Richard Skuse   235348-402 M1675-77
Agnes Skeuse Aug 27, 1935 366767 M1675-77
Frances Skeuse Aug 27, 1935 366766 M1675-77

New York City Courts, Naturalization, 1792-1906

Name Year Witness Notes
James Skuse 1847    
Thos H Skuce 1855    
Thomas Skeusce 1866, Feb 10    
William Skuse 1888    
Herman Nusbaum 1875 James R Skuse  
John P Kopf 1858 Thomas H Skuse  
John Santry 1860 James Skuse  
Thomas Bennett 1872 James Skuse  
John Joseph Oehl 1867 Thomas W Skuse  
Daniel Hegarty 1860 James Skuse  
James E Johnson 1866 Thomas W Skuse  
Jeremiah T Johnson 1866 Thomas W Skuse  
Andrew Brown 1875 James R Skuse  
John Buhler 1867 Charles A Skew  

Pennsylvania, Eastern District Naturalization
Harland Laverne Skuce, age 45. Admission 14 Apr 1943 at Philadelpiha, Pa. Petition No 168480. Residing 814 W Venango st, Phila, Pa.

Washington State, Petition for Naturalization 1909-1954

Name DoB PoB Where emigrated Port of Entry Date Where Naturalized Date of Naturalization Spouse Children Reference Notes
William Henry Skuce 2 Dec 1896 Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland Calgary, Canada Eastport 24 Feb 1924 Clark Co 14 Apr 1939 Fern Lenore Patricia Fay, Betty Jean, Billie Gail Vol 12/14, No 1099  




Ireland Place Names or IreAtlas or Irish Times
Common locations for Skuce/Skuse place names in Ireland

Placename County Acres Place_Typee Barony Civil_Parish Poor_Law_Union
Derrynafulla Cork, W.R. 768 Townland Bear Kilcaskan Bantry
Glengarrif Cork, W.R. 74 Townland Bear Kilcaskan Bantry
Ardyhoolihane Cork, W.R. 85 Townland Bantry Kilmocomoge Bantry
Dromleigh North Cork, W.R. 102 Townland Bantry Kilmocomoge Bantry
Dromleigh South Cork, W.R. 399 Townland Bantry Kilmocomoge Bantry
Kilnaruane Cork, W.R. 20 Townland Bantry Kilmocomoge Bantry
Clashadoo Cork, W.R. 746 Townland Carbery West (W.D.) Durrus Bantry
Dromreagh Cork, W.R. 841 Townland Carbery West (W.D.) Durrus Bantry
Coolcoulaghta Cork, W.R. 1145 Townland Carbery West (W.D.) Durrus Bantry
Foilnamuck Cork, W.R. 378 Townland Carbery West (W.D.) Skull Skull
Coosane Cork, W.R. 270 Townland Carbery West (W.D.) Skull Skull
Inishbeg Cork, W.R. 370 Townland Carbery West (E.D.) Aghadown Skibbereen
Derrygereen Cork, W.R. 293 Townland Carbery West (E.D.) Creagh Skibbereen
Skibbereen T. Cork, W.R. xx Town Carbery West (E.D.) Creagh Skibbereen
Skibbereen T. Cork, W.R. xx Town Carbery West (E.D.) Abbeystrowry Skibbereen
Baurnahulla *1 Cork, W.R. 746 Townland Carbery West (E.D.) Dromdaleague Skibbereen
Lahanaght Cork, W.R. 971 Townland Carbery West (E.D.) Drinagh Skibbereen
Skahanagh Cork, W.R. 173 Townland Carbery West (E.D.) Myross Skibbereen
Castlehaven Cork, W.R. 202 Townland Carbery West (E.D.) Castlehaven Skibbereen
Ballylangley Cork, W.R. 288 Townland Carbery West (E.D.) Ballymodan Bandon
Kilbrogan Cork, W.R. 371 Townland Kinalmeaky Kilbrogan Bandon
Knocknastooka *1 Cork, W.R. 118 Townland Carbery West (E.D.) Desertserges Bandon
*1 Butlersgift in Baurnahulla (Drimoleague about 500m West of Butler's Gift), also about 1km South-East of Dromdaleague; *2 listed in Boulteen DED in Census


General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands & Towns, Parishes & Baronies of Ireland. 1851
(Cannot find the location of the source I used)

No of Sheet   Area if Acres County Barony Parish Poor law union in 1857 Townland Census of 1851, Part I
    A R P         Vol Page
104 Derrynafulla 768 1 26 Cork W/R Bear Kilcaskan Bantry II 120



Bandon Electors 1832

Persons who voted for Hon W.S. Bernard, Second Day
Skuse, Chrles South Main St Shopkeeper

Ballymodan Tithe Applotements - 1832

SCUSE William - Ballylangley, Cloughmacsimon, Currivridig


Tithe Applotments for Co Cork
CorkGen or National Archives

Dromdaleague, 1826
Butler's Gift, Nathaniel Skuce & partners, 95 acres
Drimolague, Nathaniel Skuce, 30 acres
(*can be transcribed as Slevin/Skince)

Drinagh, 1833
Lahinaght, Nathaniel Skuce, 40 acres

Myross, 1829
Skannagh, John Skuse & Co, 6 acres

Skull, 1827
Lisacaha, Daniel Gallaher, Charles Skuice & James Bennett, 69 acres
(*can be transcribed as Skuce)

Ballymodan, 1832
Ballylangley, William Scuse, 7 acres
Ballylangley, William Scuse, 16 acres
Cloghmacsimon, William Scuse, 10 acres
Currivridig, William Scuse, 3.2 acres

Durrus, 1830
Droumreagh, John Skuce, 10.12.14 acres
(*Can be transcribed as Skee)

Kilcaskan, 1827 (Kerry)
Dirrinifolla,Mrs Scuce, 8 acres (Mrs Scuse (Widow)
(*can be transcribed as Sence)

Kilcaskan, 1828 (Cork)
Dirrinifolla, Mrs Scuce, 8 acres
(*can be transcribed as Sence)

Kilmeen, 1834
Lamanagh, Margaret Skuce, 47.4.92 acres
(*Can be transcribed as Shuce)


Castlehaven Vestry Book, Skibbereen, Ireland, 1739-1824

Skeuse, Catherine, Widdow, List of Poor 1738/9
Skeuse, Elizabeth, alias Kingston, Widdow [and] her son, List of Poor 1738/9
Skeuse, Paul; (Myross) A dau. Of Paul Skeuse, Jane (My) 30 1740, Fragment of Parish Register
Skeuse, Ricd. Jun. app. Church Warden 4. Vestry Meeting 30 March 1741
Skeuse, Richd., Church Warden X 5. Vestry Meeting 10 April 1742
Skeuse, Peter 12. Vestry Meeting, 31 March 1746
Skews, Katherine, List of Poor 23 April 1753
Skuse, Widow List of Poor 23 March 1761
Skuse, Thomas, app. Church Warden 54. VM 2 April 1771
Skuse, Thomas 55. Vestry Meeting 21 April 1772
Skuse, Thomas 56. Vestry Meeting 13 April 1773


Bandon Grammar School 1937 (photograph), page 14
SKUSE Henry, page 14

Bandon Grammar School. 1935: The whole school photograph 34,35
SKUSE Henry, page 34







LDS 6343062 County Cork West. Originals
(Maps/Breakdown of Townlands in a Parish, as listed by County)

<Introductory Page>

Townland Maps

The townland is the smallest and most ancient of Irish land divisions, and is the goal of all family researchers in identifying the origin of their ancestors. The townland was names at an early period and they usually referred to a very identifiable landmark in the local area such as a mountan, a bog, an oak forest, a village, a fort or a church. The townland became standardized as a basic division in the 17th century surveys by people with little knowledge of the Irish language. As a consequence many place anmes were either lost or had their meaning or construction altered.

A record of townland names, shapes and sizes for all Ireland exist in the maps of the Ordnance Survey completed in 1846 at the scale of 6 inches to 1 mile. The complete set of maps can be consulted in the National Library, Dublin. On these maps are now record the standardized spellings of Ireland’s 60, 462 townlands.

On a county basis, however, it is not practical to consult the 6” Ordnance Survey maps and, because of their large scale, they can not show, at a glance, parish boundaries. For example it takes 110 maps to cover County Donegal at a scale of 6inches to 1 mile.

It is the intention of this eries of maps to show, on a county basis, all townlands within their respective civil parishes. To 1898 the civil parish was the major administrative division. The two great surveys of the 19th century 0 the tithe assessment and the Griffith’s valuation – were compiled on a civil parish basis with householders listed against their appropriate townland address.
The purpose of the maps reproduced here is two fold:

  1. to provide the means to locate an ancestral home, to show all townlands and their relationship to one another.
  2. to act as a reference tool to those researching Irish record sources, in particular, tithe records, the Griffiths valuation and 19th century census returns.

The General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands of Ireland, based on the 1851 census, was used to compile the parish boundaries.

How to use these maps

Use the index t the beginning of each county to identify the parish you require. In addition to the depiction of each civil parish’s townlands there is, alongside each map, an alphabetical list of each parish’s constituent townlands.

The townland spellings on our maps are those recognized by the Ordnance Survey from the 1830’s onwards. This means townland spellings in records collected before this time, such as the tithe books, are very varied. For example in Glendermot Parish, County Londonderry the same townland appears as Coolkeerragh in the Griffiths valuation, as Killkeraugh in the 1831 census and as Culkeeragh in the tithe book. The maps and accompanying lists will help in deciphering early spellings of townland names.

These maps were compiled by the trainees of Derry Youth and community Workshop and by the employees of the Inner City trust. Both organizations are funed by the Department of Economic Development.

Brian Mitchell, Inner City Trust, 10 Bishop Street, Londonderry, N. Ireland. January 1989.

<Page, Map of Ireland>

<Page, Map of Cork West>

Image of Cork West

<Page iv>

Cork West Index

Parish                    Page
1 Abbeystrowry       1
2 Aghadown            3
3 Ardfield                5
4 Ballymoney           7
5 Ballyvourney         9
6 Caheragh              12
7 Castlehaven           15
8 Castleventry          17
9 Clear Island (Cape Clear)  19
10 Creagh                21
11 Drinagh              24
12 Dromdaleague     26
13 Durrus                29
14 Fanlobbus          31
15 Inchigeelagh        34
16 Island                37
17 Kilcaskan           39
18 Kilcatherine        43
19 Kilcoe                45
20 Kilcrohane         47
21 Kilfaughnabeg     50
22 Kilgarrif             52
23 Kilkerranmore     54
24 Killaconenagh     56
25 Kilmacabea        60
26 Kilmeen             63
27 Kilmichael          65
28 Kilmocomoge     68
29 Kilmoe              73
30 Kilnamanagh       76
31 Kilnamartery       78
32 Kinneigh             81
33 Myross              83
34 Rathbarry           85
35 Ross                  87
36 Skull                  90
37 Tullagh               95

Page 39

17 Kilcaskan Parish (94 Subdivisions)
(Map) Good Quality, having problems copying (will try taking picture and then put through image editor)

Page 40

1 Adrigle
2 Ballynahown
3 Ballynakilla
4 Bawn
5 Bocarnagh
6 Canrooska
7 Cappaleigh North
8 Cappaleigh South
9 Cappanaparka East
10 Cappanaparka West
11 Cappyaugna
12 Carraduff
13 Carrigrour
14 Cashanavoe
15 Clashduff
16 Clydagh
17 Coolbragh
18 Coomarkane
19 Coongira
20 Coonane
21 Coorannel
22 Crooha East
23 Crooha Middle
24 Crooha West
25 Crossterry East
26 Crossterry West
27 Curragh East
28 Curragh West
29 Currakeal
30 Cyrrakillane
31 Derreenacarrin
32 Derreenagarig
33 Derreenathirigy
34 Derrenavroonig
35 Derreenboy Lower
36 Derreenboy upper
37 <Not listed, missing from page 40/41, check map>

Page 41

38 Derreenagough
39 Derreen Upper
39 Derreny
41 Derryconnery
42 Derrylough
43 Derrynafulla
44 Dorrus
45 Dromagonlane
46 Dromateebara
47 Dronderadown
48 Drondour
49 Drongarvan
50 Drumaclarig
51 Drumlave
52 Esknanucky
53 Faha East
54 Faha West
55 Furkeal
56 Garinish
57 Glengarriff
58 Glenlough
59 Gortore Lower
60 Gortroe Upper
61 Inchintaggart
62 Inchintaglin
63 Kealagonlane
64 Keeltrasna
65 Kilcaskan
66 Kildronmalive
67 Killenough
68 Lackavane
69 Leahill
70 Leitrin Beg
71 Leitrim More
72 Lickeen East
73 Lickeen West
Page 42

74 Loughavaul
75 Lyre
76 Monteen Sudder
77 Muccuragh
78 Reen
79 Reenabulliga
80 Reenneen East
81 Reeneen West
82 Rossnagreena
83 Rossnashunoge
84 Roosk
85 Roughak
86 Shrone
87 Sheeil
88 Teacashel
89 Trafrask East
90 Trafrask West
91 Toureen
92 Toureenageena
93 Ulusker
94 Youngfield