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Discussion Groups

Groups.IO Geneaology Mailing List
Skuce (Covers Skuce and other variations; great resource to connect with other researchers)

Rootsweb Genealogy Mailing List
Skuce (Archive, active up to end 2019) Forums
Skuse Forums (Archive)


DNA Projects

Skuce Family DNA Project
Strongly encourage others to support the project. Currently lists Skuce/Skuse/Skues


Vital Indexes

British Columbia (Canada) Vital Event Index
Births (1872-1903), Deaths (1872-1991) and Marriages (1872-1940)

Manitoba (Canada) Vital Event Index
Births (100years+), Deaths (70years+), and Marriages (80years+)

Saskatchewan (Canada) Vital Event Index
Births (100years+) Death (70years+)[up to 1917]

New Brunswick (Canada) Vital Event Index
Birth (93+ years) Death (50 years+) Marriage (50 years+)

Alberta (Canada) Vital Event Index
Birth (120 years), Marriage (75 years) and Death (50 years)


Queensland (Australia) Vital Event Index
Birth, Death & Marriage (1829-1914)

New South Wales (Australia) Vital Event Index
Birth (1788-1908), Marriage (1788-1958) & Death (1788-1978)

Victoria (Australia) Vital Event Index
Birth (1853-1908), Marriage (1853-1942) & Death (1853-1985)

Western Australia (Australia)Vital Event Index
Birth (1841-1932), Marriage (1841-1932) & Death (1841-1953)


England/Wales Vital Event Index (FreeBDM)
Birth, Death & Marriage (1837+)

Yorkshire BMD (England)
1837-2009 (Detailed listing and Reference)

Lancashire, England
OnLine Parish Clerks

Ireland Genealogy, Parish Records


Washington State (USA) Vital Index
Birth, Marriage & Death

Illinois State (USA) Vital Records (Other Records also on site)
Marriage & Death

Massachusetts State (USA) Archives, 1841-1910
Birth, Marriage, and Death

Michigan State Archives
Death Records

New York City
Birth / Marriage / Death


Cemetery Listings

Gravestone/Cemetery Sites
Gravestone Photograph Resource
Find a Grave
Canadian Gravemarker Gallery (Awkward Replacement for Ottawa Area, Grave Makers)
Canada GenWeb Cemetery Project
Historic Graves (Primarly Irish)
Irish Graveyards
Cemetary Finding Aid (Canada)
Ontario (OCFA)
British Columbia (BCCFA)
Searchable City Cemetery Listings
City of Vancouver, BC
City of North Vancouver, BC
City of Brandon, MB (Alt Site)
Australian Cemeteries



Cornish Heritage
Comprehensive look at Skews/Skewes/Skewis/Skues surname



Automated Genealogy
Canadian Census for 1851, 1901, 1906 & 1911

Ontario GenWeb
Pre 1851-1911 Ontario Census Search

Internet Archive (Free)
USA 1790 to 1930 Census (Not Indexed, must search through manually) ($ Pay Site)

National Archives ($ Pay Site)
English Census Information

Scotlands People ($ Pay Site)
Scottish Census and Parish Records

North Wiltshire Online Census Project

Collections Canada
Canadian Censuses
Next is 1926 Prairie Census, which is available in 2018

National Archives of Ireland
Ireland Census for 1901 & 1911
Next is 1926, which is not available until 2027



Castle Garden Index
New York Immigration (1830-1892)

Ellis Island Index
New York Immigration (1893-1924)



Montreal Directories, 1842-1999
Old & Modern Montreal Directories
British Columbia City Directories 1860-1955
Peel's Prairie Provinces (Alberta, Saskachewan, Manitoba)
Prairie Directories

Historical Directories, c1750-1919
Old England and Wales Directories (No longer available, as of Mar 2014)
University of Leicester Special Collections (Replaces above link)
Historical Directores of England and Wales, 1760-1910
Scottish Post Office directories, 1773-1911
National Library of Scotland
Cork Past & Present (Ireland)
Historical Directories


Google Newspaper Archives
includes Ottawa Citizen (Sporadic coverage from late 1800s to mid 1980s)
Newspaper Search Engine

Newspaper Archives, Canada, USA, Ireland, etc (Pay Sites) (Must Login to see Index)

New York, USA
New York State Historic Newspapers (Rochester Region, and others amalgamated)
New York, Historical newspapers Search
New York, Historical newspapers Browse

Brooklyn Newsstand
Suffolk Co Historical Newspapers
New York Heritage - Digital Newspaper Collection (old no longer works)
Andover News Archive, 1869-1978
Library of Congress - Historical Newspapers for USA
American Newspapers, 1836-1922
California Digital Newspaper Collection
Historic Oregon Newspapers
Pennsylvania Digital Repository
Website (Includes Newspapers and other items)
Michigan Digital Newspaper Portal
Seattle, Washington, USA
Seattle Times Historical Archive (1900-1984) (Pay Site) or Seattle Times 1990 to present
The Oklahoman

Genealogybank (Pay Site)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto Star, Pages of the Past (Pay Site)
Community Newspapers Collection
British Columbia (Early Newspapers)
The Chilliwack Progress
The Victoria Times Colonist / The British Colonist
Online Edition: 1858-1910
Alberta Newspaper Archive
1885-2001 (Browseable only, would need to know date/location)
Peel's Prairie Provinces
Alberta Newspapers
Manitoba History
Newspaper Collection
Winnipeg Free Press
1874-2012 (Pay Site, subset of NewspaperArchive)

Fédération Québécoise des Sociétés de Généalogie
Website (has obituary extracts for Ontario/Quebec)

National Library of Australia
National Library of New Zealand

Irish Times
(Pay Site)
1859 to Present for Ireland
Irish Newspaper Archive
(Pay Site)
Various smaller Irish newspapers
Irish Newspapers
Website (Pay Site)
Collaboration between and Irish Newspaper Archive

The London Gazette
(Official Newspaper of Record for the UK)
British Library
British Newspapers 1800-1900
British Newspaper Archive (Pay Site)
National Library of Wales
Welsh Newspapers Online, 1804-1919




Library and Archives Canada
Canadian Genealogy Centre (Database)

Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918) Attestation Papers

Veterans Affairs Canada
The Books of Remembrance (Skuce/Skuse listings from the First World War: 1916 1917 1918 )

Our Ontario (Ontario Historical Search Engine)

West Cork Genealogy
Surname Index

West Cork History
History of Durrus/Muintervara

Sharon's Genealogy Home Page
Misc Info for Cork

One-Stop Genealogy
Steve Morse

Peel's Prairie Provinces
Historic information for the Canadian prairies including newspapers and directories.

Barbara E. Morgan - Skuce Genealogy (Geocities has shut down, site will be getting moved) [Have saved copy of site, dated May 2009]

Ian Moore - Genealogy (Includes Skuce/Skuse)

From Ireland - Genealogy Blog/Source Site

Lanin-Mullen Family History - Covers some Skuce's from Ireland

Osgoode Museum (Ontario)

News Article - Weyburn Review, on Skuce Family

News Article - Lou Skuce 1 - Lou Skuce 2 - Lou's Goose

Fáilte Romhat
Griffiths Valuation of Ireland, 1851-53 - Kilcaskan, County Cork
Guy's Postal Directory 1914 - Bandon Skibbereen Ballydehob Rostellan

Durham Records Online
Website (Free Index; Pay Site, however good coverage for Durham Co, England)

Ginni Swanton's Website
Irish Wills, Vol 2: Cork & Ross 1548 to 1800 - Skuse
Tombstone - Cork Co. 1875/76 Directory (image)

Bandon Genealogy (Bandon Area, Ireland)
Contains Guy's Postal Directory (Various Years), Land evaluations, Census data.

Cleveland Family History Society
Durham/North Riding of Yorkshire Records ($ Pay to Order Site)

Irish Genealogy Toolkit
General information regarding Ireland resources. Good starting point

Family Deeds
Information and PDF copies of old English Deeds

National Archives of Australia
Military Records and other items
Trancription site for new Government Records

Scotland's Places
Old Maps and Tax Rolls (17 to 19th Century)

UK Wills
Website (England/Wales 1858-1996, 1996 to Present, and Soldier's Wills 1850-1986)

South Africa Archives

Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland