12 December 2016
Winter Vacation

Have four weeks of vacation from work. Going to grow a beard. Have had quite the snowfall the other week, we actually had to bring out the snowblower.
Should be updating more, however, all in all its been a rather uneventful fall.

8 September 2016
Back to work

Returned to work this week, and funnily enough woke up feeling sick a bit yesterday. Appears to have bloomed into a full on cold or similar illness today: Sore throat, weariness, and runny nose. Great.

24 August 2016
On Vacation

Taking two weeks off of work. Started off pretty good with going to a friends wedding on Sunday. Have been taking the kids to go swimming daily. Working on converting our upper back slope slope into a more level area for plants. Removed quite a number of rotting landscape ties, and replaced with nice rock edging. Slowly over several days watched all of Stranger Things, it was quite good.

Still whisling away at combining the Irish genealogical trees. Doing some checking on the internet, and seeing a number of introduced errors for other people trees. It doesn't help when all the various lines name their children the same name within a span of 5 years.

18 August 2016
Wee bit hot

Stalls, Stalls everywhere. Everyone should ensure when its really hot, that they check their vehicle fluid levels. Suffice to say, it was a very long drive home getting around the dozens of vehicles blocking traffic, or on the side of the road as visual distractions.

7 August 2016

Made Butter Chicken Poutine last night, and it was good.
For a quick Sunday breakfast, made pancakes for the kids and Eggs Benny for the wife.
Requested last Friday off from work, and we were able to head over to Cultus Lake and go to the waterslides for a reduced rate. Had never gone to that waterpark before, so it was interesting, and the kids had fun, however, it was quite busy.

Pondering Genealogy quite a bit, as I think I have all the pieces, using both DNA records and various older records, to connect quite a number of families from the late 1700 and early 1800s. Only problem I'm now running into is that each line kept of using the same first names. Either I'll need to stare harder or try to find other historic land/lease/estate records from that period.
Find it somewhat funny that for all the Skuce/Skuse lines tested, they all appear to come from the Durrus branch.

24 July 2016
Gone Camping

Took several days vacation, and went with the family up to Rolley Lake. Had a new tent to try out, and it's been awhile since we'd gone camping (two years), due to me working during the summer and then right during our end summer vacation Nicole breaking her ankle (which is a healed as will likely ever be). Kids enjoyed the beach, and we tried out a Canoe for a little while, whereas my canoing technique isn't very good as the blisters on my hand can attest to.

15 July 2016
Course Done

Just finished teaching these last 5 and a bit weeks. I'm thankful it's done, as during the week was teaching and then the weekends were catching up on sleep and doing yard and house work. Hoping next week will go into a slightly slower routine, with getting everything fixed up and ready for August training and then a work surge in September.
Funnily enough, after coming home today, it appears that the city was working on the street access panels and accidentally discontented our Internet. Should have the cable company in early next week to fix, although I still have a fair amount of house and yard work to complete, so I won't miss it too much.

7 June 2016

It seems other things, primarily life, have gotten in the way of doing updates for the website. Even after just coming off of two weeks worth of vacation, and me now going to do 5 weeks worth of instruction. Should see about budgeting a minimal amount of time for updates every month.
Had to get our roof replaced, as we had a windstorm and the shingles were nearing end of life, the roofer was able to patch free of charge, but it was discovered that the previous company had incorrectly install the shingles. Thankfully we were able to get a good rate, and they did a fantasic job. We also had our gutters replaced, and had a leaf guard installed as well.

24 January 2016
Another Year

It's another year. Had a good vacation and now back to work. Workload has increased, thankfully have an assistant until the end of fiscal doing a lot of the front end stuff in the Warehouse. Came into a sick house on Friday, and by Saturday morning I was infected with a cold, which is on top of some sort of sinus infection.