31 December 2022
New Year's Eve

Hope everyone had a good year. Looking back, there are lots of small moments, some good and some snow related.
Get to do volunteer work tomorrow.

27 December 2022
Merry Christmas

Last 3 days days were quite busy. Hosted Nicole's Family for Christmas Eve, was us and the kids for Christmas Day, and then hosted my Family for Boxing day. Nicole and I have agreed that that to do two major family events back to back is too much, so having a quiet Christmas day was quite nice.

23 December 2022
More Snow

Tired of shoveling snow. Should turn to rain or slush tomorrow.

2 December 2022

The thermostat went double digit high to a double digit low within a week. It's cold outside.

29 November 2022

It started snowing a bit after noon, once it started to stick it was time to head home. Driving home was a poor decision, as it took over 5 hours to get home. Would have been faster taking the train.

30 September 2022
What a day

With no work or school today due to the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we went down to the local park and attended the ceremony for several hours. Was a good experience for the kids, and informative. One of the Elders brought up a good point on whether it is better as a stat holiday or just a day of recognition, however, with the number of people in attendance it worked out as a stat.

Home alone this weekend. Nicole is off camping starting this evening, which would be great, until her keys were locked in the car. 2 hour round trip to unlock. Not what I was expecting for the start of the actual weekend.

Agreed to solo dog-sit this weekend, as I thought it would be too much trouble. Rosie currently resides here almost full time, and another Arlo was visiting for the weekend. Rosie being the very much a barker and chaser met a skunk in the backyard. It's going to be a long weekend. Will tell Nicole when she's back on Sunday so she doesn't get overly stressed.

31 August 2022
Summer roundup

It's been a busy summer. Kids went a did multiple camps: Amelia at horse camps, and Andrew at a kayaking camp and science camp. We went for a week on a road trip to Vancouver Island, and stayed at Horne Lake caves, with all us doing the more advance caving trip (minus amelia and I climbing up a waterfall), and then went over to Ucluelet for some additioanl camping, and to kayak around the area.

Earlier this month went to Shilo for work, turns out I'm one of a few people in western Canada that can supervise some work technical systems.

This week and last, we are currently on a staycation, doing things around the local area (Giggle Ridge, Science World, lake kayaking), and me digging out an area of the backyard for a new shed.

Kids are back to school next week, and I'm back to work.

28 May 2022

It's the year of the Kayak. The number we have has expanded.
Not an overly busy month. Nicole went and did two scouting camps, one for each of the kids.

8 May 2022
Gardening and Housework

Came home to a sick house last Thursday. Had to stay away and wear a mask for a good portion of the day. Thankfully doesn't appear to be Covid, or at least all of the test strips indicate as such.

Spend a good portion of Saturday doing housework in the morning, grabbing project hardward along with garden work in the afternoon, and finally a few hours cooking large portions of Phad Thai. Will be building some small retaining walls for both a work area and a new replacement storage shed.

Today spent more time doing yardwork, including cutting the grass down in size somewhat. It's anything disposal day tomorrow, so need to ensure all garbage is out, and want as much yardwaste as possible. Also nipped over to Maple Ridge to get Nicole's work computer, so she can work at home tomorrow.

1 May 2022
Went for a hike

Went for a small hike today, went and saw Steelhead Falls. Fairly easy to get to, but still quite hidden away.

18 Apr 2022
Happy Easter

Spent Easter with Nicole's family on Saturday with a ham, and went to my Dad's for brunch on Monday with a soup.

26 Mar 2022

We replaced all the Poly-B in our house today with Pex-A. So ends the saga of leaks in walls. In addition had a faucet installed outside and the other replaced. Now, drywalling. Lots of drywall.
Downstairs bathroom was almost a full replacement with walls and vanity.

Last few months, did carloads of runs to the dump to get rid of old drywall. Thankful that I no longer have to do that.

6 January 2022
Fun start to the year

Large dump of snow today. Spent 2 hours snowblowing and shoveling. Body now aches and has the shivers.

Car had the battery light come on last night, and then died this morning. Needs a new alternator.

We found water in the basement, there was a slow drip of a pipe in the wall. Slow enough that it did a number on several walls. Drip was from a sharkbite attached to copper pipe, hidden behind a bathroom tile wall. Pipe is fixed, but have a long road of removing and replacing drywall. Turns out the shut-offs were broken as well, they were also replaced.

1 January 2022
Happy New Year

From the Skuce household we hope everyone is having happy holidays, and that this year be a bit more relaxed.